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The Round Hut Village offers your company the unique opportunity to become our corporate sponsorship partner.

Sponsorship of our Round Hut Village fundraising events will assist your company to engage our participants and create awareness for your products and services. All sponsorship will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, per the instructions in the specific event sponsor package. RHV fundraising events are held in a setting where the entire community can come together to network, play, relax, unwind and share about their community projects, families and more; while enjoying exceptional workshop sessions and dynamic entertainment. Beyond our target audience, attendees include all levels of community-based organizations, business owners and potential partners. Sponsors are a very important part of our events. RHV sponsorship opportunities offer heightened visibility at our wide exposure fundraising events. The opportunities exist at all levels from on-site banner advertising, local sponsorship up to the title sponsorship. Be a part of the world's premier life empowerment organization! 
For more information email: sponsor@roundhutvillage.org  for your sponsor package today.
Our sponsorship opportunities range from $500-$100K.
Top Reasons to Connect Your Brand to RHV Fundraising Events:  -Reach highly targeted women directed families -Reach Females between ages of 32-65 -Reach targets with considerable higher income than average -Event marketing year-round, reaching an extended market -Your brand will be made available to diverse markets your target areas -Increased Sales -Event follow-on activities for RHV Partner branding -Highlight your products and services directly to your customers yearly -Company representative will give presentations at events -Take advantage of the media and tremendous following of RHV audience their families -Accumulated 20+ years of our RHV Team’s event production experience -Cause related marketing by participating in events that benefit communities -Multimedia promotion campaign that will include TV, radio, print, mail and internet -Increased word of mouth referrals as a result of the events -Your brand will be associated with the world’s largest brands -Cross marketing with RHV Partners in other locales -Sponsor benefits from a multi-year plan PRIMARY TARGET DEMOGRAPHICS Women (all races), 32-65 with active lifestyle, children, single or married, over 75% homeowners, educated, professional, affluent, disposable income, interested in music, arts, dance, theater, travel, health alternative lifestyles.. To get your sponsor package today email: sponsor@roundhutvillage.org 
Additional Branding Opportunities to Promote Your Business!
Looking for a way to promote your business to women from all cultures and walks of life? Maximize your company’s exposure and make the most out of your marketing budget. If a sponsorship is not in the forecast for you this year, your company can still support our fundraising events by choosing one (or more) of the following marketing opportunities that work best for your business: ·         Purchase Ad in 52-Week Planner Book – each event offers program booklets that will be distributed to attendees upon registration for them to utilize throughout the coming year. This gis a maximum exposure opportunity to reach extended audiences. AD RATES Full Page: $500 (8.5 x 11) Half Page: $250 (8.5 x 5.5) Quarter Page: $125 (5.5 x 4.3) Business Card: $50 (3.5 x 2.5) For more info on AD Booklets Email to: info@roundhutvillage.org
– Sponsor one or more women to attend activities
Promotional Inserts for Goodie Bags
–Bags to be handed out Door/Raffle Prize – Items may include: electronics, a free haircut, facial, manicure/pedicure, massage, dinner for two, one month gym membership and more To donate email: info@roundhutvillage.org  Questions? Email: info@roundhutvillage.org

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